There are numerous examples of people who had no clue drugs and alcohol were destroying their life until a close friend or family member said something. It can be really hard for somebody to recognize on their own that they have substance abuse problems because their addiction developed so slowly. What began as a harmless social activity has the potential to turn into a big problem without someone even realizing it. In order to gain more perspective on how your substance abuse is affecting your life, here are a few questions you can answer that might help you understand how and why you drink and do drugs. Try to answer as honestly as possible as you are only hurting yourself when you lie.

  • Do you use every day?
  • Have you tried to stop using before?
  • Do you neglect your commitments when you drink or do drugs?
  • Do people mention your drug or alcohol usage?
  • Do you drink or do drugs by yourself?

Wandering through life addicted to drugs and alcohol is a total waste. Rather than let substances control every decision you make, try getting help from professional addiction counselors at Alcohol Treatment Elizabeth. A treatment center is hands down the best course of action for someone who wants to turn their life around. Call Alcohol Treatment Elizabeth right now for more information about how a rehab facility can turn your life around.  


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